Power Flushing

As a company we do offer these services but only if the system has been thoroughly checked first.

Plumbbob recommends that a system is checked over first before going ahead with any flushing due to possible joint breaks, radiator pin holing and generally doing more harm than good

What is power flushing?

A power flush is a way of cleaning out all the rust, sludge and debris that accumulates in your central heating system over time. By removing dirt and blockages in the pipework, you’ll extend the life of your central heating system and make sure it works more efficiently as it heats your home

What is the power flush method?

Power flush cleaner is added to the system water and starts to loosen the rust. The heating is turned on and radiator surfaces are checked for cold spots. Flushing water through individual radiators and vibrating cold spots allows the sludge to rapidly loosen. The sludge flows from the radiator and is collected

How long does a power flush take?

How long does it take to power flush a system thoroughly? A. It will vary from house to house, but generally a 3 bedroomed house will take up to 5 hours plus if it has a vented system, if a combi or sealed system then less time will be taken, because you don’t have to cap off the cold feed and expansion piping

How do I know if I need a power flush?

Well obvious signs are cold spots which can occur on radiators, particularly building up at the bottom where the sediment will lay. This can be particularly prominent in central heating systems that don’t have a magnetic filter fitted to their boiler

Chemical Flush

Chemical flush differs from a Power flush and is more of a basic clean to the system. Unlike a power flush, it does not require high pressure and is instead delivered through the system using the natural water flow and gravity